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Video Format Conversion / Video to PC & MAC

It seems everything is going digital these days, nobody watches VHS video tapes anymore.  Do you even still have a VCR?  So many people are watching video on the web.  And some people have taken to editing their own videos.  The hard part is converting your old analog video tapes over to a digital format such as avi, mov or mp4 files.  For every year that goes, magnetic tape loses recorded information resulting in degrading of the picture quality until, eventually, their condition will be so bad that they can't be converted at all and the contents are lost forever.  

We provide one of the fastest transfer services available!

Video to PC conversion

We handle every video transfer and conversion personally, as if they were our very own, from the moment we take possession of your videos until you pick them up, and your tapes are NEVER sent out to a 3rd-party facility in India for conversion.  We provide a FREE evaluation of your video tapes to determine their condition and we'll help you figure out how much video you have.

CONSUMER ALERT:  Did you know that most video transfer companies charge per tape regardless of how long the tape is?  

Most transfer services charge the same price per tape regardless of how much video is recorded on it.  Why should you have to pay the same price to transfer a 10 minute tape as you would for a 2 hour tape?  We now offer 3 separate prices for video transfers based on the length of the tape.  The saving really add up when you have a lot of video tapes.


Bring in your videos today for a FREE estimate!  We'll even provide a price comparison.

We transfer these video tape & disc formats

Click on the corresponding format that matches your video for more information.  PAL conversion also available.

VHS Hi8 VHS-C Betamax DVD
VHS / Super VHS 8mm / Hi 8 / Digital8 VHS-C Betamax DVD
Mini DV HDV DVCAM Betacam Mini DVD


We also transfer from camcorders, flash drives,  memory cards Power Point and more

SD Card Smart Media Compact Flash Memory Stick Multi Media Card xD Picture Card Flash Drive

If you don't see you format listed here, give us a call.


Get up to $100 off your Video Format Conversion when you join Sunray's VIP list Today!

Be sure to check the box for Video Transfer to Computer files


Are your video tapes more than 7 years old?

Most video tapes are near the end of their life-cycle.  VHS, 8mm, Betamax, and other VCR video tapes will only maintain their original picture quality for about 7-10 years after they were recorded.  After that, every year you wait to have your home videos transferred to DVD or digital the more information from the picture and sound that will be lost.  There have been cases where the material had literally fallen off the video tape and you could see the pieces laying inside the tape shell.  And the supply of VCRs to play these tapes are dwindling quickly.  Before long we will no longer be able to transfer them at all.

Consumer Bob shares why you should transfer your film to video & DVD now.


What is the difference between Video  to DVD Transfer, Video Format Conversion and Digitizing Video?

Video to DVD Transfer

Video to DVD transfer usually refers to copying a videotape (i.e. VHS, MiniDV, Video 8, VHS-C, etc.) or digital format (i.e. AVI, MOV, MP4, etc.) to a DVD.  We can even convert a Power Point presentation to video or DVD.

Reasons for transferring video:

Watch on your TV - DVDs are usually the best choice for viewing on a Television.  Just put the disc in your DVD player and you're ready to go.  They'll also play on Blu ray disc players and most computers as long as you have the appropriate hardware, software and your computer's setting are set correctly.  If this is the service you need continue reading.

Here are some of the types of Video to DVD Transfer services we provide:

VHS & Super VHS to DVD / VHS-C to DVD Betacam SP, DVCAM to DVD
Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, 8mm to DVD Camcorder Videos to DVD
Mini DV, HDV to DVD Camcorder Memory Cards to DVD
Betamax (Beta) to DVD AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG2 to DVD
DVD to DVD / MiniDVD to DVD Convert Powerpoint to DVD

If you don't see your format here, give us a call.  We transfer more video tape formats than most transfer companies.

We provide this service if you don't have the necessary equipment or the desire to do it yourself.  You can read more about our video to DVD transfer services here.


Digitizing Video

Digitizing Video refers to converting an analog or video tape (i.e. VHS, MiniDV, Video 8, VHS-C, etc.) into a digital computer file (i.e. AVI, MOV, MP4, etc.) using a combination of computer hardware and software that converts from analog to digital.  The file can then be stored on a hard drive, flash drive, mobile device, etc.  Often this process is performed when someone wishes to edit the video or put it up on the web.  Here is a list of some of the video digitizing options we offer:

Video to PC Video to avi Video to flv (flash)
Video to Mac Video to mp4 Video to wmv
Video to digital Video to mov Video to mpeg2

Reasons for digitizing video:

Storing on a flash drive or hard drive - The file can then be stored on a hard drive, flash drive, mobile device, etc.

Editing on a computer - If you plan to edit your own video you'll need to have it digitized onto a flash or external hard drive.  

Upload to YouTube or Facebook - You'll need to make sure the video is in the correct computer file format prior to uploading.

Which file format will you need?

Storing or Editing on a MAC

If you happen to be using a MAC, then you'll probably want QuickTime files (designated with the .MOV suffix on the filenames) as they are native to Macs.  iMovie is the most widely used editing software for the MAC.  MOV files should work with both iMovie and Final Cut Pro.

Storing or Editing on a PC

If you're using a PC, then most likely you should be able to use AVI files (designated with the .AVI suffix) as they are native to PCs.  Most editing programs should be able to work with AVI files.

We strongly encourage you to check the instructions for your editing software to determine which file types the program will accept.  

MP4 (mpeg4)

We've had some requests for mp4 files, but we'd like to point out that mp4 files are compressed and will sacrifice some of the video information that would still be in both the AVI and MOV formats.

Uploading to the web (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

The file format required for videos for the web depend on how they will be used.  Give us a call and we'd be happy to discuss this with you.



Video Format Conversion

What is video conversion?  That is a good question.  Video conversion involves converting a video in one format (i.e. a video tape, disc or computer file) to a different format such as DVD, computer file or another video tape format.

Examples for converting video:

Convert a video from a video tape, DVD or AVI file to an MP4, MOV file or DVD.  

Converting a PAL video tape (from outside the U.S.) to an NTSC DVD (used inside the U.S.).  We cover this in the section below on "Foreign Conversions"

Converting high definition video to a standard DVD that will play on any DVD player (see below).

There are actually several types of video format conversions that we do.  Here are some of the Video Format Conversion services we provide:

avi to mov Convert to avi (avi conversion)
avi to mp4 (mpeg4) Convert to mp4 (mpeg4)
avi to mp3 Convert to mov
mp4 video to avi Convert to mp3
mp4 to mp3 Convert to flv (flash video)
DVD to avi Convert to wmv
DVD to PC Convert to mpeg2
DVD to Mac Convert video to YouTube, Facebook
wav to mp3 Convert Powerpoint to video

Additional Formats

Sunray Video can convert most video formats to a format that will fit your needs.  Here are some of the formats we specialize in transferring.  

Here are some of the formats we can convert to and from:

DVCAM (NTSC or PAL) Betacam / Beta SP (NTSC only)
MiniDV (NTSC or PAL) Flash, Windows Media, Quicktime
VHS / VHS-C / Super VHS (NTSC, PAL, or Secam) AVI (Windows) & MOV (Mac)
8mm / Hi 8 / Digital 8 (NTSC only) YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook
DVD / Mini DVD (NTSC or PAL) & CDRom H264, AVCHD, 1080i/p, 720i/p

If you have video you've recorded with your video camera and the format is not listed below, we may still be able to convert it for you, even if we just need to borrow your camera.  Give us a call today. 

We can also convert PowerPoint presentations to video and DVD.

Video for the Internet  

YouTube has become the 2nd most used search engine behind Google as more people search the internet for videos.  Do you have a video you'd like to put on your website, YouTube or Facebook?  We can convert your VHS or camcorder tapes, DVDs, and other formats to play in MP4, Flash, Windows Media or just about any format for the web.  Call for pricing information.


High Definition Video Conversion

HDV, AVCHD, 1080i, 1080p, 720i, 720p, H264 & MP4 are several formats used for high-def video.  There are so many more than we can address here.  We'd be happy to discuss your HD needs with you.


Foreign Video Conversions (NTSC to/from PAL or SECAM)

Do you have a video you need to send overseas?  Have you received a video from another country?  Do you need to have it converted?  

The television broadcasting standard used throughout North America along with select other countries around the world is referred to as NTSC.  The television broadcast system used in most European countries and the rest of the world is referred to as PAL.  DVD players (and VCRs) sold in the U.S. will not play videos that were made on the PAL system.  So, if you happen to have a DVD or video tape that was made overseas (in a country that uses PAL), it won't play here.  Some players in "PAL" countries may not be able to play DVDs that were made here.

We can convert most PAL tapes and DVDs to NTSC DVDs.  We are 1 of the few that can convert an NTSC DVD or tape to a PAL DVD.  Below is a list of some of the format we can convert to and from.

NTSC or PAL VHS video tape NTSC or PAL VHS video tape
AVI, MOV, MP4, hard drive, etc.

Sunray can convert video to PAL DVD

  Sunray is one of the only companies that can convert NTSC video to PAL DVD.  So if you need a DVD in the PAL format to send overseas, give us a call.

Do you have tapes that look like this?

We can fix it.

Video tape repair

VHS video tape damaged in a VCR

If you play a video tape in a VCR that is malfunctioning or has a dirty tape path, you may find your tape damaged like this, if you're able to retrieve it at all.  We fixed all types of video tapes, from re-splicing broken and crumpled tape to replacing a defective shell.  

This is one of the dangers that can happen when you transfer videos to DVD using an old or cheap VCR.  Or you may experience tracking problems due to a worn out tape or VCR.  Our professional transfer machines will often lock any sync the signal for a smoother transfer.  Why not let us transfer your videos to DVD and you'll never have to worry about this happening again.


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