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Mini DV to DVD, DVCAM  Video to DVD

Transfer your MiniDV videos to DVD now before you lose any more of those irreplaceable images that have already been fading from your video tapes.  We transfer your videos right here, in-house.

We often have people ask us if we can convert Mini DV tapes to CD.  Truth is it doesn't make sense to transfer Mini DV to CD since a CD holds only about 700MB of information while a DVD contains 4.5GB or nearly 6.5 times as much as a CD.  CDs are better used for audio than video.  I believe some are using the term "CD" when they actually mean "DVD".

We handle every video transfer and conversion personally, from the moment we take possession of your video tapes until you pick them up, and your videos are NEVER sent to a mass-transfer factory for processing.  We know how irreplaceable our clients' home videos are so we treat them like our very own.

Difference between Mini DV and HDV tapes

Mini DV and HDV tapes look very similar.  What they both have in common is that the tape shell in exactly the same size and even the tape looks the same. In fact, most people probably couldn't tell them apart.  HDV tapes are intended for recording high definition video (1440 x 1080), where as Mini DV is used for standard definition video (720 x 480).  We can transfer HDV to DVD, but HDV should be transferred to a blu-ray disc in order to maintain the high definition quality.   The other thing they have in common is they can only maintain the original record picture quality for about 7-10 years before the image begins to decay.  And since the camcorders are getting harder to buy, it's now time to have them converted to DVD or a digital file.

Mini DV video tape HDV video tape DVCAM video tape

Why is it so important to transfer your video tapes now and not wait any longer?

If you've been to any consumer electronics store recently you may have noticed that most of the camcorders for sale are using memory cards and/or internal hard drives to record and store video information.  MiniDV camcorders have become scarce.  The MiniDV format shares an important element with the 8mm video format in that you pretty much had to have a MiniDV camera in order to play these tapes back on your television.  After these cameras are discontinued, we’ll have a similar limited transfer time window as the 8mm format except that there were a few more people that used the MiniDV tapes than 8mm.


Saving your video with Digital Masters and Gold Archival DVDs

Most video transfer companies offer conversion from video to DVD only.  That's great but what if your disc happens to get scratched or damaged?  Look at the surface of some of your discs now; how do they look?  We offer 2 ways to save the memories from your home videos that just are not available from most places.

Gold 100-year Archival DVDs

Only the true Gold Archival DVDs are manufactured to last at least 100 years.  Read more about the Gold Archival DVDs here.

Digitizing to flash & external hard drives

We can digitize your videos to AVI, MOV or MP4 files and put them on a flash or hard drive for you.  They'll be ready to edit when you are.

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How do I determine how much video I have?

MiniDV video tapes

Mini DV video tapes can hold about 62 minutes of video.

Mini DV transfer

Mini DV video tape

How much video will a DVD hold?

A DVD can hold up to 2 hours of video.  If you had two 60-minute Mini DV tapes, they would both fit onto 1 DVD.  We only charge for the actual amount of video that we transfer and not by how much the tape can hold.

Pricing info

Video to Standard DVD <30 minutes <60 minutes <120 minutes
1-10 tapes $9/tape $14/tape $18/tape
11-30 tapes $8/tape $13/tape $17/tape
30+ tapes $7/tape $12/tape $15/tape

Additional Standard DVD copy - $ 8/disc     3 copies of same disc - $18    5 copies of same disc - $25


Video to Gold Archival DVD <30 minutes <60 minutes <120 minutes
1-10 tapes $13/tape $19/tape $26/tape
11-30 tapes $12/tape $17/tape $25/tape
30+ tapes $11/tape $16/tape $23/tape

Additional Gold DVD copies - $15/disc     3 Gold Copies of same disc - $40   5 Gold copies of same disc - $65

            (each gold DVD comes with a standard DVD copy FREE)

All video transfer orders under $30 subject to a minimum order charge of $30.
California residents will be charged sales tax of 7.75% on all orders, as per California law.


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