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Converting Audio Cassette Tape to CD, MP3 and digital

Including audio cassette tape to CD, digital, MP3 and usb transfers

Audio Cassette to CD, MP3 and Digital file conversion service

It will be impossible to listen to or transfer a cassette tape to CD, mp3 or digitalaudio-cassette-tape-to-cd-and-mp3-conversion without a cassette player. The sound quality on cassettes gets worse with every year that goes by audio information gradually disappears from the tape. The time to convert your tapes to CD or MP3 is now before they get any worse.

We convert audio cassettes to CD, mp3 and digital files. We can also convert from CDs toMp3 files.

What makes our audio cassette to CD, Mp3 and digital service better?

All cassette transfers performed in our studio – Faster Service

We never send our clients’ tapes overseas or to any other transfer factory. All transfer orders are done right here in our San Diego studio. This enables us to provide a better quality transfer and faster turnaround than most other companies. Most orders are completed in less than 2 weeks, many within a few days!

Audio can be divided into tracks on CD

For tapes with recorded material on both sides we automatically divide into 2 tracks – one for each side. We offer the option of dividing the recording into multiple tracks for easier navigation on a CD player. Many companies may only create 1 track for the entire tape.

Volume level adjustment option

In cases where the sound is too quiet on the tape, we can raise the volume during the transfer if you choose that option. Most video transfer companies will leave the volume as it is.

All original cassettes returned

All clients’ tapes will be returned in original condition.


These are just a few of the reasons people choose Sunray Video for transferring their audio cassettes. Very few audio transfer services can match the variety, quality and fast service we provide. Our reviews say it all.

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How much does it cost to transfer Audio Cassette to CD, Mp3 or digital?

Cassette tapes usually contain anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes of audio, with 15 to 45 minutes on each side. We usually dedicate 1 track for each side of the tape for conversions to CD. For MP3 conversion we will combine both sides into one single file.

Audio Cassette to CD and Digital Pricing and Conversion Options

We offer 3 options for transferring your audio cassette tapes to digital form:

  1. Cassette to CD includes: Up to 75 minutes per CD, up to 2 tracks.
  2. Cassette to MP3 file includes: Digitizing to MP3 file.
  3. Conversion to CD & MP3 file option includes: Transfer to CD and digitized to MP3 file.


<75 minute>75 minutes
to CD$30/tape$35/tape
to MP3 file$30/tape*$35/tape*
to CD & MP3 file$35/tape*$40/tape*

Volume discounts available for orders over 15 tapes.
*Price does not include Hard drive or Flash drive.
All audio transfer orders under $40 will be charged a minimum transfer charge of $40.

Additional Services Available

  • Audio Volume Level Adjustment – $6/tape
  • Splitting tape in additional tracks (>2 per tape): $3.00 per track
  • Additional CD copies: $ 9.00 per disc. Get 3 copies for $24 or 5 for $35!
We transfer audio CDs to MP3 files, just $10 per disc.

Additional Audio Cassette Transfer Info

How many cassette tapes can fit on a CD?

That depends on the length of the recording on each tape. A CD will hold up to 75 minutes of audio. Audio cassette tapes can hold 30-90 minutes of audio. You can have as many cassette tapes on a CD that will fit within the 75 minute limit.

How does the quality of the CD or Digital file compare with the original audio cassette tape?

Converting cassette to CD does not lose any quality using our transfer process. Transfer to an MP3 file may lose a little due to the compression factor, but it’s usually not noticeable.

Can a broken cassette tape be transferred?

If the tape or the cassette shell is broken, we can usually repair it prior to transfer for an additional charge.

How long does it take to convert cassette to DVD or digital?

The conversion is a “real time” process with no way to do a high speed transfer. Our normal turnaround time can run from a day to a few weeks depending on how much audio you have to convert. We’re typically faster than most transfer services. In the past we’ve heard that Walmart and Costco can take up to a few months to convert cassette to CD or digital. Since both places have to send the videos out to another company for transfer that will add a few more days to the process. If that company is backlogged it will add even more time to that.

How does Walgreen’s cassette to CD or digital transfer compare?

After checking their website it appears Walgreens does not offer the option of cassettes to CD or digital at all.

How do Walmart and Costco cassette to CD transfers compare?

Neither Walmart nor Costco converts cassettes to CD or digital Mp3.

How to Order

Step 1: Make sure each tape has its own unique label on it. We will use that for the label on CD or the file name of the digital file. Keep the title short, less than 30 characters.

Step 2: Decide what format you want your videos converted to, CDs or digital file (MP3). If you only want CDs skip to Step 4.

Step 3: DIGITAL FILEs: Will you be providing your own external USB hard drive or flash drive or do you want us to add one to the order?  If you’re providing your own, don’t forget to include it with your cassettes. If you don’t want any CDs skip to Step 8.

Step 4: CDs: For transfer to CDs: If the tapes are less than 75 minutes each, do you want us to combine them to fill up each 75 minute CD? This will conserve space in your media cabinet. Is it okay for us to split any tape over 2 discs if it will not fit? Tapes over 75 minutes will have to be split over 2 discs.

Step 5: Number the cassette tapes in the order you want them to appear on the CDs (if you want them combined).

Step 6: Decide how you want your CDs to be labeled. How do you want it to read? This is just for your benefit so that one day in the future, when you pull out the CD you’ll know what’s on it.

Step 7: Will you need any additional CD copies for anyone else? How many?

Step 8: Do you have any 8mm or 16mm films you need transferred to DVD or digital files

Do you have any video tapes you need transferred to DVD or hard drive?

Do you have any photos or slides you need scanned to digital files?

This would be a good time to get them together and bring in with your videos.

Step 9: Now you’re ready to bring your audio cassettes to Sunray for transfer. Select the option below for dropping them off in person or ordering by mail. If you prefer to ship them to us, we recommend using a courier such as UPS or FedEx for shipping as they have good tracking systems so you’ll know where the package is at all times.

Order by Mail

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Did you know?

Magnetic audio tape was only designed for 7-10 years of optimal use. After that the sound quality will begin to deteriorate. As more time goes by, more information is lost in the recording.

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