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DVD Copy, Duplication and CD Copy, Duplication

We copy DVD and CD - Small Runs, 1 to 500 or more CD, DVD - Fast Service

CD and DVD duplications done right and on time.

When you need to copy a DVD or CD and you need it fast, you’ve come to the right place. Small run (1 – 500) DVD and CD duplication orders are done right here in our San Diego studio. Most orders are completed within 2 weeks and many within a few days.

For the most accurate estimate for your CD or DVD duplication project make sure you know the difference betweeen DVD and CD so you’ll know what you need.

What makes our DVD and CD duplication service better?

Most DVD and CD duplications performed in our studio – Faster Service

Small run and duplication orders under 500 discs are done right here in our San Diego studio. This enables us to provide a better quality transfer and faster turnaround than most other companies. Most orders are completed in less than 2 weeks, many within a few days!

Quality comes first!

We start by using one of the best, most reliable discs in the industry. Our CD and DVD duplications includes a 2nd phase digital comparison and data verification process to ensure each and every disc is an exact replica of the original disc.

Professional custom labeling of discs

We can design a custom disc label for you or you may provide your own. We can print full color labels directly onto the disc, so you’ll never have to worry about any of the discs getting damaged from stick on labels or permanent markers. Our discs have a professional glossy finish that is water-resistent so the printing won’t smear off upon contact with moisture.

No hidden fees or surcharges

All of our estimates are all-inclusive so you will never be hit with any surprises or hidden fees ever! We also have discounts for larger orders.

Unparalelled personal service

We’re very meticulous and pay close attention to every detail, even the ones you may not have thought of.


These are just a few of the reasons people choose Sunray Video for copying their DVDs and CDs. Very few CD, DVD duplication services can match the variety, quality and fast service we provide. Our reviews say it all.

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Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients had to say.

Very Knowledgeable

We had Sunray Video digitally convert our collection of family Video tapes (from 1986-mid-90s) to AVI. My family and I were concerned that the old tapes would no longer read, but we were so pleasantly surprised with the quality. I spoke directly with Kirk on several occasions before and during the process. He was very knowledgeable and flexible working with us. We first sent him 5 of our 10 tapes to check them for quality, before sending the rest. What a relief to have finally converted these old gems, full of memories!

Rachel HB

Thank You for Your Fine Work

My daughter had you prepare a video for our 50th wedding anniversary. I'm writing to thank you for your fine work. There wasn't a dry eye in the house! Everyone really enjoyed it and it will be cherished for the rest of our lives.

Warren P.

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There are 5 main factors that affect the cost of copying DVDs and CDs:

  • Disc quality – We don’t believe in using cheap discs just to save a few pennies, why put anything on a disc that won’t last? We even offer a gloss-finish, water resistant disc that keeps the ink from running or smearing on the label should it come in contact with water or oil from anyone’s hands.
  • Quantity – The more disc copies we make in one order the lower the price per disc.
  • Turnaround time – The sooner you need the copies the more it may cost. However we’re often able to process small orders rather quickly for the same low rate.
  • Packaging – There are several different options available for packaging discs that will affect the price. Refer to the list below for examples of each type.
  • Process – Orders under 1,000 discs are typically done by duplication where each disc has the information “burned” onto it. Orders of 1,000 or more of the same disc are usually done using the replication process where the discs are “stamped out” with the information already on them; resulting in a lower cost per disc. Read more about the difference between duplication and replication.

Is there a difference in quality of DVD and CD media?

Yes. Not all blank CDs and DVDs are created equal.  A disc is made up of separate layers of materials that each serve a different purpose.  These layers are molded together to create the CD or DVD disc we’re familiar with today.  There have been stories circulating about how the layers on one particular disc had separated from each other within just 3 years of being burned.  That’s what you can expect from a cheap disc.  There are Gold Archival discs on the market that are reported to be able to last 100 years in part due to the durability of the gold material used in the disc.  Some brands of discs allow for more accuracy during the burning and/or reading of information.  When duplication/replication companies are promoting CD and DVD copying services that are significantly lower price, it’s usually a result of using an inferior media.

If you have anything that needs to be preserved for as long as possible it will be worth paying a bit more for the archival discs.


We can print custom designs on the disc labels and design them for you as well. We print disc labels directly onto the disc avoiding any damage that can be caused by markers or stick-on labels.

There is no limit as to the number of DVD or CD copies we can make, but there is a $30 minimum order charge.

CDs hold up to 75 minutes of audio or 700MB of data (documents, images, etc.).

DVDs hold up to 2 hours of standard definition video (720 x 480) or 4.7GB of data.

Blu ray discs hold up to 2 hours of high definition video (1920 x 1080) or 25GB of data.

Disc packaging options:

  • Paper sleeve
  • Jewel case
  • Slim jewel cases
  • DVD cases range from 1-disc to multiple discs depending on your needs
  • Clam shell
  • Spindle (no packaging)


Have questions?

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Additional Services Available

  • DVD authoring if you don’t already have the DVD to be copied
  • Custom professional graphic design for the disc label artwork
  • Selection of packaging options available
  • Custom professional graphic design for the disc case artwork
  • Marketing & consulting services for selling your discs
  • Extracting and encoding excerpt/s from your disc for uploading to the web
  • Rush order service available

CD, DVD Copy Tips and FAQs

What is the difference between DVD and CD?

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How labeling a DVD or CD affects the life of the disc

The way a disc is labeled can affect the life of the disc and/or how it will perform inside a disc player. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but if you have any DVDs or CDs that have been written on with a Sharpie or magic marker, the disc contents may be...

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