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What is the difference between DVD/CD Duplication & Replication?

CD/DVD Duplications

When you need to have a DVD or CD copied there are several factors that will affect the price you pay, turnaround time and the number of copies you may have to order.

When you need just a few copies or any quantity less than 1,000 copies then you’ll most likely be using the “duplication” process. If you need 1,000 or more copies you’ll save money using the “replication” process.

DVD & CD Duplication process

Duplication is when a disc is copied onto a blank disc with the use of a CD, DVD or blu ray burner. The information is “burned” onto the CD/DVD with a laser during the copying process.  Duplication is less expensive for orders under 1,000 copies and usually results in a faster turnaround time, often a week or less.

Once each disc has been copied they just need to be labeled and packaged (if needed) and they’re ready to go.

DVD & CD Replication process

Replication is where the information to be copied is put directly onto the discs as they are being manufactured (stamped out).  Replication requires the creation of a “glass master”.  Once the glass master is created, it is used to stamp out the DVDs or CDs with the information as the discs are being created.

Replication typically costs less per copy than duplication, but in order to make the process cost-effective it usually requires a minimum of 1,000 DVDs or CDs to be replicated.  Hollywood movies are usually copied onto DVDs and recorded music onto CDs using this process.  Replication is recommended for orders of 1,000 copies or more.

Once the discs have been made they’re ready for labeling and packaging. The replication process usually takes a week or more depending on the quantity being ordered.

Tips for comparing DVD & CD duplication and replication services

When shopping for DVD or CD duplication or replication service be aware there may be hidden costs. Most places will quote the price for just the copying of the disc and may charge extra for additional services such as disc labeling, packaging, glass masters, etc. Most companies try to get away with using the lowest quality discs they can that allows them to be able to quote the “lowest” price.

Don’t forget to include the packaging with your inquiries when shopping around. The type of packaging will affect the price and is usually not included in the base duplication or replication price. For example, will you want each disc in a paper sleeve, jewel case, DVD case or something else?

Do you have a DVD or CD?

It’s common for people to refer to CDs and DVDs interchangeably without realizing that there is actually a big difference. When getting prices for copying a DVD or CD you need to know which type you have, as the price will usually vary.

CDs (commonly used for music/audio) can hold up to 700MB of digital information or up to 75 minutes of audio. CD players will only play CDs.

DVDs (commonly used for video) can hold up to 4.7GB (based on a single-layer disc) of digital information or up to 2 hours of standard definition video. Since video information requires a lot more storage space than audio, you can see why DVDs are usually preferred over CDs. A DVD player can play both DVDs and CDs. A Blu ray player can play blu ray discs, DVDs and CDs.

Why do more customers trust Sunray Video to copy their DVDs and CDs?

Sunray Video has continuously led the industry with dedication to providing the most professional-looking and trouble free DVDs and CDs for copies. The level of quality varies quite a bit across the duplication industry. From using inferior discs (that can fall apart after just 3 years) to the application of stick-on labels (that can peel off and damage DVD players). We use one of the top brands in CD and DVD media today that allow us to print directly onto the surface of the disc so it won’t damage your disc player. And there are no surprises with hidden or added fees with our all-inclusive pricing.