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How much does it cost to copy a DVD or CD?

CD/DVD Duplications

There are different factors involved when it comes to determining the cost of duplicating DVDs and CDs.

Quantity – Like with many things, the more copies you order, the less you’ll pay per copy.

Quality of the media – Each CD / DVD duplication & duplication company uses different quality levels of media. The better the media, the higher the cost and you get what you pay for. If you come across an estimate that is significantly less, it could be a result of using substantially inferior DVD or CD. If you plan to sell or give out discs as promotional materials for a business, we’d recommend using better quality discs. Not only will they look more professional, but the quality of the product you are distributing will be representing your product and/or company. It’s not worth ruining a good reputation to save a few cents on a DVD or CD that falls apart easily. The durability of a quality disc can translate into a lot more business in the future.

Pricing Structure – Most duplication firms will leave elements of the duplication process out of their quotes to make their price look lower than their competitors. These items may include setup and layout fees for the label artwork and packaging or even the packaging itself. These add-on fees could increase the price per disc significantly, that’s why they choose to leave them out to make their pricing look more attractive. We prefer to give you one all-inclusive price with our quotes.

Packaging – The type of packaging for the DVDs or CDs will always have an impact on the price.

Some of the options include:

  • Paper sleeve with a clear plastic window.
  • CD jewel case or slim jewel case like they use for music CDs
  • Clam-shell case
  • Cardboard sleeve
  • Custom-printed cardboard sleeve
  • Standard (alpha-style) DVD case like they use for movies
  • A pouch or sleeve that will go into a wallet or vinyl album.

Consumer Alert: In order to appear more competitive, most companies will give out quotes based on copying the disc only, and then add all of the extra fees later.

Custom printing for case/cover – Jewel cases have 2 places where you can insert custom printed materials, inside the front lid and under the CD tray. Look at a music CD and you’ll see what I’m referring to. DVD (or alpha) cases have a place inside the sleeve that goes around the outside of the case for custom printed materials. This is often referred to as the case wrap. Some DVD cases also have clips inside the front cover where additional printed materials could be placed. All of these options involve an additional cost to cover the printing and sizing of the materials.

Shrink-wrapping – If you want your case to be wrapped with a clear plastic wrap, that can add to the price as well.

Timing – The sooner you need it, the more it will cost. Most of the estimates you’ll receive will NOT include additional fees that will be added for rushed projects.

We recommend that you decide exactly what you need before you start calling around and then be sure to ask about pricing for EXACTLY what you want. Also, make sure there are no hidden fees. Otherwise, you may find yourself using a company that quoted you a lower price for duplication but ends up charging you more for the rest of the process and end up paying more overall for the final products you’re ordering.

When it comes down to it, it’s not realistic to expect the highest quality in the shortest time for the lowest price. You will ultimately get what you paid for.