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Photo and Slide Scanning to Digital, Jpg, CD and DVD

Digitizing photos and slides for digital storage or photo montage videos

Converting photos and slides to digital, jpg, CD, DVD and blu ray

When you’re ready to digitize your photos to jpg digital files or convert your slidesconvert-slides-to-digital-scanning to digital form there are decisions to be made. The best place to start is determining what you plan to do with them.

Do you just want to be able to look at them on a computer? Do you want to print any of them in a larger size to put in a frame? Do you want to put them into a photo montage video or photo slideshow with music? And if so will you be playing the video using a DVD player, blu ray player or on a computer?

Before scanning photos or slides we need to know what level of resolution will be needed based on how they will be used. If the images are going to be printed out in a large format or used in a photo montage video to be played on a high definition TV with the use of a blu ray player, then higher resolution is better. Otherwise they can be scanned at a lower resolution.

We can convert photos to digital files at 300 or 600dpi.  We can convert slides to digital files at 2400, 3200 or 4800 dpi.

We’ve been creating inspiring photo montage videos with music and meaningful memories since 1996. Some people refer to them as “photo slideshows with music”. Our photo montage videos can be created in high definition for playback in a blu ray player or in standard definition for DVD. DVDs will play in both DVD and blu ray players whereas blu ray discs will only play in a blu ray player.

What makes our slides to digital and photo scanning service better?

All transfers performed in our studio – Faster Service

We never send our clients’ family memories overseas or to any other transfer factory. All photo and slide scanning and conversion to digital orders are done right here in our San Diego studio. This enables us to provide a better quality transfer and faster turnaround than most other companies. Most orders are completed in less than 2 weeks, many within a few days!

Professional Equipment

Using professional equipment for conversion of photos and slides enables us to scan images at a higher resolution and provides better looking images than the low cost converters online. We also have the ability to restore photos and make them look better. Your family’s memories cannot be replaced and we feel your videos deserve to be converted with the best quality possible.

Pricing based on scan resolution

Our pricing is based on the scanning resolution you desire. Photos from 300 to 600 dpi, slides from 2400 to 4800dpi. Bring in all of your photos/slides and save even more with our volume packages.

First to transfer photos & slides to true Archival Gold DVDs

Your family pictures cannot be replaced and it’s important to preserve them as long as possible. That’s the reason we became one of the first companies to transfer photos and slides to Gold Archival DVDs. Their 100 year lifespan makes it one of the longest lasting media options available for saving your slides and photos.

Emotionally gripping photo montage videos unlike any other

We’ve been producing emotionally charged photo montage videos for over 23 years. These are not just average boring photo slideshows with music, we meticulously craft your video of memories into a completely unique retrospective that leave audiences speechless.

Going beyond photos and music, we can combine various items including video clips, scrapbook items, newspaper clipping, movie clips, interviews, narration and more for telling a more complete story. We can even help you select the music.

Our videos have been shown all over the country at weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, memorials, reunions and various life celebrations. We even offer projection packages for showing your video in the San Diego area. We can provide the audio and video equipment for showing the video at your event.


These are just a few of the reasons people choose Sunray Video for transferring their photos and slides; drop by for a visit and see for yourself. Very few transfer services can match the variety, quality and fast service we provide. Our reviews say it all.

Our commitment to you:

  • We convert photos and slides to jpg, digital, DVD, CD, blu ray, usb drives, CDrom and DVDrom
  • We can also put your photos and slides into photo montages and tribute videos to celebrate family and friends
  • We offer true 100-year 24K Gold Archival Grade DVDs
  • We won’t damage your images with any harsh cleaning chemicals
  • We return all materials to you in their original condition

Bring in your pictures today to get your FREE estimate! Or give us a call 858-578-4786

Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients had to say.

Highlight of the Party

Our video was absolutely wonderful. I can say, without a doubt, it was the highlight of the party. It was the best gift we could've given our parents for their 30th anniversary. You guys were awesome!"

Andrea P.

Thank You for Your Fine Work

My daughter had you prepare a video for our 50th wedding anniversary. I'm writing to thank you for your fine work. There wasn't a dry eye in the house! Everyone really enjoyed it and it will be cherished for the rest of our lives.

Warren P.

Professional Service

The video we received was perfect A big hit at our parents' 40th anniversary party. 5 stars! Sunray provided professional service and a quality product.

Eric P.

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Photos and Slide Scanning Pricing

 Photos ( up to 8×10″)300 DPI600 DPI
Up to 100 photos$1.10/photo*$1.30/photo*
101 – 500 photos$1.00/photo$1.20/photo
501 – 999 photos$0.90/photo$1.10/photo
1,000 + photosCall UsCall Us

Pricing for photos up to 8 x 10.  Additional charge for larger photos.

*Prices above do not include Hard drive or Flash drive.

Slides (35mm)2400 DPI3200 DPI4800 DPI
Up to 100 slides$1.10/slide*$1.20/slide*$1.30/slide*
101 – 500 slides$1.00/slide$1.10/slide$1.20/slide
501 – 999 slides$0.90/slide$1.00/slide$1.10/slide
1,000 + slidesCall UsCall UsCall Us

*Prices above do not include Hard drive or Flash drive.

Color-correction, dust and scratch removal available
All scan orders under $40 will be charged a minimum transfer charge of $40.
All photos not removed from frames and ready for scanning subject to additional prep charge.

Additional Services Available

  • Additional Gold DVD copies: $15.00 per disc /  3 Gold copies for $42
    (Each gold disc comes with a standard dvd copy FREE)
  • Additional Standard DVD copies: $ 10.00 per disc /  3 for $27  / 5 for $40
How to Order

Step 1:  Number your photos / slides in the order you want them transferred (if you have a preference). Number them on the back either with a pencil, quick drying pen or a post-it type note you can write the number on. Don’t use a regular ink pen because the ink can transfer to the other photos.

Step 2:  If you want them group in electronic folders put them in separate envelopes, ziplock bags, folders or some other packaging that will keep them together yet separate from the other groups.

Step 3: If there are any images that you want us to try to restore or improve be sure to label those accordingly. There will be an additional charge for our time to make these improvements.

Step 4: Decide what type of media you want your photos /slides transferred to, DVDrom, CDrom, flash drive or external hard drive. If you want them on a DVD or CD, let us know how you want the disc to be labeled.

Step 5: Do you want your pictures on a Gold Archival 100-year DVDs? Will you need any additional copies for anyone else? How many?

Step 6: Do you have any video tapes you need transferred to DVD or digital files? Do you have any 8mm or 16mm films you need transferred to DVD or digital files?  This would be a good time to get them together and bring in with your pictures.

Step 7: Now you’re ready to bring your photos/slides to Sunray for transfer. Select the option below for dropping them off in person or ordering by mail. If you prefer to ship them to us, we recommend using a courier such as UPS or FedEx for shipping as they have good tracking systems so you’ll know where the package is at all times. 

Order by Mail

Have questions?

Call us at 858-578-4786

Photo montages, tribute videos and slide shows

A Slide Show refers to a video in the style of the old slide projector presentations where each image pops onto the screen for a few seconds then the next image pops up and so on. There is no smooth fade or transition between images, just first it’s there then it’s not then the next image appears.

A Photo Montage is a series of photos that transition smoothly between images and usually accompanied by music. More creativity can be put into these types of videos in the way of adding motion to the photo, creative transitions, etc.

A Tribute video is similar to a photo montage but it typically has a specific purpose to recognize or celebrate a person or an occasion. Other items such as video clips, scrapbook items, movie clips, narration, interviews, etc. can be added to the photos to take the video to an entirely new level of presentation. This style of video can be used for:

  • Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirements or other special occasions
  • Family histories
  • Biographies, dedications and tributes
  • Memorials

Not all photo montages and tribute videos are alike; creativity and experience changes the final product dramatically. For this reason we cannot publish pricing information here as this is a custom service. We’ll be happy to discuss your goals for your project to make sure we can provide what you are truly looking for.

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