We are conveniently located in the Miramar area, right off Interstate 15 and Miramar RD, 1 block west.

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I would recommend Sunray without hesitation

I had Sunray Productions transfer thousands of feet of 16mm films from my grandfather's hunting trips back in the 1960s. The films are a part of our family history and are very important to us. Kirk did a wonderful job with the films and was very helpful to me in...

I received my films today and you did a GREAT job!

I received my films today and once again you did a GREAT job! There are very few people in the world, much less companies that I would trust to handle these family heirlooms and I am happy to say I'd trust you with all of our family movies. Thank you for your work on...

Wonderful job!

I sincerely want to thank everyone at Sunray Video for the wonderful job that was done on my 8mm film to DVD transfers. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone wanting to preserve their family film treasurers!

Highly Recommend!

I was lucky to find Sunray Video Production services here in San Diego. I had some very old Super 8 & 8 mm movie film from my parents from the 60s and 70s that I have been worried about for years. I knew I needed to get them transferred soon before they...